Additional performances:


  • Low distortion digital MEMS microphone with 64dB signal-to-noise ratio and -26dB sensitivity
  • Programable sampling frequencies from 10kHz up to 48kHz
  • Embedded 3,3V 1800mAh rechargeable battery providing hundreds of hours of continuous recording (>200 hours @ 48kHz and >800 hours @ 10kHz). Autonomy can be extended with the use of external power bank
  • Compatible with 512 Gb SD card (Native: 16 Gb)


  • Turnkey hardware: the Audiolog comes with a waterproof enclosure and its own embedded battery
  • The dedicated GUI is intuitive and recording times and sampling rates can be program rapidly, even for several Audiolog in parallel
  • The lithium battery is rechargeable through a USB-C port, so no need to buy and manage sets of batteries
  • The Audiolog’s dimensions are 71mm*42mm*28mm.

Audiolog is coming soon

Under development


Audiolog combines high-performance components:

Low-distortion digital microphone with a 64-dB signal-to-noise ratio and –26 dBFS ±3 dB sensitivity
3.3V - 1.8 A-h lithium battery that allows hundreds of hours of autonomy
Compatible with up to 64 Gb SD card
(Native: 16 Gb)
Record wav files or compressed files for longer deployments

User interface

A dedicated software is provided for programming several Audiologs over micro USB ports. It allows to configure the audio sampling frequency and the exact timings of audio recordings over one or more periods. The software can also be used to retrieve and organize output audio files in compressed or uncompressed .wav format.

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Developed by researchers

Audiolog has been developped to address the specific needs of academics in the field of wildlife monitoring. To ease life on the field and provides useful material for studies.

Audiolog has been developped within a collaboration between ecologists at the CEFE (Centre for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology) laboratory and engineers at LIRMM (computer, robotics and microelectronics laboraory) in Montpellier.

Audiolog is the first of a complete family of product for wildlife monitoring. Future models are under development and includes ultrasound microphones, hydrophones, GPS and inertial sensors.

Our team

Simon Chamaillé-Jammes

Ecology researcher in the CNRS – CEFE laboratory

Creator, Research and development

Laurent Latorre

Electronic researcher in the LIRMM laboratory

Creator, Research and development

Julie Ezagouri – Larra

Ecology engineer in the Geoso Tech society

Commercial officer

Manon Jouyaux

Ecology engineer in the Geoso Tech society

Marketing officer and data treatment

Paul Ivaldi

Project manager at SATT AxLR

R&D management

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21 novembre 2019

Audiolog is in England !

21 novembre 2019

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